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Friday, March 27, 2015

Inept Employee Trainer

Life is wonderful because you landed that perfect job; with a great salary and benefits. You met with HR, the manager and supervisor of the department. They are professional and friendly in your first meeting. You are floating on a white cloud with a silver lining; what a wonderful day.

After you signed all the papers with HR; she informed you that Monday will be your first day. And, to bring a pad and pen to take notes because you will begin training for a week. She stressed it’s very important to listen and write any pertinent information your trainer will give you; and to ask any questions.

Monday morning is here and you have stressed about your first day of training and you hope the trainer is efficient. The HR manager introduces you to Betty who will train you and this is when you find out she is the one leaving the company. And, your heart sinks into your stomach because you do not feel great about this person.

Betty was nice enough, but she stays on the phone most of the morning taking care of her moving to another city. She talks to her movers, her mother, her girlfriend, the apartment manager and the cleaning company that will clean after she moves out.

Finally, it is 11 a.m.  Betty smiles and says, “It is time for our break.” And, at this point the only thing you would like to break is the pencil you are holding; ready to write. As a trainee you have learned nothing this morning.

After the break, Betty proceeds to inform or rather gossip about the other employees, managers and supervisors. And, the pad is still blank---no notes there, however, you have notes of Betty’s voice ringing in your ears.

You look at Betty and wonder how she got this job in the first place. Next, it is time for lunch and your stomach is in knots of stress because you know it will fall on you if your training is incomplete professionally.

The first day ended without the first note, and you feel like crying because a solution is not in sight. What do you do?

The next morning you say to Betty---“I have a question, is it true that if I am not trained correctly with a pad full of notes by Friday that you will not get your last paycheck or references from the company?” 

I am here to learn everything about this job. So, I am ready to begin. And, then see if Betty doesn’t get busy training the correct way.

The correct procedures the company should follow:

1.) The supervisor meets with Betty going over each step of the job two weeks before training.

2.) A training book outlining the duties in sequence for each day.

3.) Including lists of contacts, company names, emails, and phone numbers if applicable.

4.) List of contacts within the company, titles, emails and phone numbers.

5.) List of reports the employee is responsible for completing: daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports and deadlines.

6.) Weekly staff meetings to attend and information to prepare for a presentation if applicable.

7.) Make sure all forms are available for the new employee.

8.) Supervisors should meet with the new employee at the end of the first day to answer any questions.

Perceptive companies that are successfully efficient continues employees retraining in updated computer programs, tutorials, as well as attending classes and seminars. The importance in development and training methods used in teaching and educating a new employee makes the difference between a productive or frustrated employee.

Companies should furnish small libraries with updated books, videos and computer webinars for groups or individuals. All employees are required to maintain their level of education as a valuable asset to the company. This is free education and a great addition to an employee résumé.

This applies to Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Electric Companies, Gas Companies, Aviation Companies, Water Companies, and Universities to name a few. If a company has more than five employees this should apply for training, retraining and cross-training.
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