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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Employees Still Dissatisfied: In Workplace Environment

Why are employees still dissatisfied in their jobs? The answers are from the family of common sense. Employers whose high concern is about employees lack of production, unhappy attitude and a stressed environment; should wake up their common sense and stop reading all the nonsense about motivation.

Employers: You have hired skilled and talented people; not trained circus animals. Stop trying to motivate employees---they are already motivated, just find the key to their motivation.

The key to motivation is to find which group your employees are in.

 Motivation is Divided into Two Groups:

1.      Pleasure

2.      Pain

Group One: This group is motivated to avoid pain. They have a strong feeling to be successful in life and show accountability.

Group Two: This group has the ability to find evidence of issues. (Some employers read these employees incorrectly and assume they are negative in their attitude. Therefore, they miss the opportunity of finding the true value and skills of these employees.)

Never put employees from Group One and Group Two together. The reason is common sense. Employers might pair two ambitious employees with one employee who will see the issues in the project. The meeting of this team will not produce a positive outcome as predicted by the employer: but it will bring the two go-getting employees down because they cannot agree.

Group One employees should always work together on a team for a successful and productive result. Group Two should always be team up to find any possible issue that might arise in the project. Therefore, the employer will have two reports to work with successfully in lieu of a negative one.

Employers should always hire for a motivational fit; in lieu of hiring just by résumé and the congeniality of the employee. Leave the emotional hiring tool out of the interview. Ask the employees question to find out what group he/she will fit into. The reason is that résumés display what they have done in the past; not what they will do in the future.

Employer savvy will eliminate employee stress and dissatisfaction when they are teamed together correctly on a project. Remember to explain to each group separately what you want in their report. Group One plans the sequence and how to positively complete the project. Group Two uses their power of observing any issues in the project so they are addressed and corrected before they occur.

Employees will be happier in their own teams without any disagreements. The workplace environment will be a content and more productive place. And, as the employer you saved misused hours and used them in a more productive way. © BEPH 2017 All Rights Reserved

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