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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Employee Handbooks are Professionally Needed

It pains me to point out what we see and are a witness to in some offices where the employees evidently do not have a “Employee Handbook” where it states the dress code for the office personnel.

I visited a local bank in a small town in Florida and a female employee had on a low cut dress with her ample breast bubbling over in full view of anyone who wanted a look.

How the President of the bank did not speak up or send her home to change is beyond me. And I was told later this was her normal mode of dress. I was informed she was a supervisor and I still wondered---how could a professional business like a bank allowed this to go on. And I do hope this will be taken care in the future.

My bank experience was almost as bad as the local electrical company in a small town where I paid my aunt’s electrical bill for her one month. I went to the front counter and the only person there was cleaning lady in a big shirt and jeans---at least I thought she was---until she came to the counter and asked if she could help me.

It turned out she was the secretary for the city and again there must not be an “Employee Handbook” because a couple more women came in dressed in a super casual manner and went to their desks. It creates a big question in one’s mind about what is happening with the professionalism of the companies in small towns and even cities in America.

I have always said if the people in a company or business dress in a sloppy manner---then I suspect their work is also sloppy. If you do not care about your appearance then why would you care about the company that has hired you? And what about your duties are you also sloppy with them?

Supervisors, Managers and Owners should wake up and take a look at your own business and how your employees dress. Do they dress in a professional manner? Has your business been effected by the unprofessional conduct of your employees?

If you walk into a business and everyone is dressed in nice suits and/or dresses it makes you want to spend your money more with this company. Why?  Because you trust a company the employees are dressed for in a professional manner, because they care about their jobs enough to dress for them---therefore---they will care about giving you the best service as their customer service skills are more professional.

Give your company a “Professional Report Card” and see what grade you give them. Does your company have an “Employee Handbook?” If not maybe you should think about getting one. Because sooner or later something will come up in a legal manner and since your do not have an Employee Handbook stating what is expected from employees; and have them sign a form before they begin work. Stating they have fully read the handbook and agree with it. If this is not done then you will not have a legal leg to stand on to support the case.