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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are Employees Still Overlooked and Unappreciated at Work?

When someone’s overlooked for a position they felt qualified for because of their longevity, education, experience and skills; should they speak their concerns to their boss? There are numerous answers to this question and this is one of those times I would use the positive and negative analysis list for my decision. Often employees feel ignored and unappreciated by those who benefit from their productive workload, and I am concerned its become common in the present workforce of today.

List each question that is important to you in an honest assessment of the overlooked position. Include if you feel that age was a factor, favoritism, or if the person’s popularity came into play. 

Don’t forget to analyze the position and its hours, duties, overtime and stress. Complete your due-diligence then, think it through leaving no doubt of the final answer. Why? I recommend a savvy employee to gather all the information before a decision’s made.

There are many possibilities: One being you might get a better promotion in the future. There might be a reason for this person getting the promotion because the company plans a layoff or to eliminate the job later to downsize the business. A boss isn’t obligated to tell employees the plans for the company. However, a company that respects its employees will explain even after the fact.

It is important you do not let this become an issue that affects your attitude at work. I lived by these words: “Rise above it” and believe me there were so many times I felt like packing up my personal things and walking out. Why didn’t I? I loved the work and most of the people. We are humans after all; and everyone needs to feel appreciated even if it is once a year.

After you made your list and still feel the need to talk to your boss then do it. Make sure your attitude is not accusing or unprofessional when stating your concerns. You might be satisfied with the answers you received and if you are not; then it might be time to update your résumé and seek another company to work for that you feel will value and appreciate your work ethic and knowledge.

Remember, even though life is not always fair does not mean it is necessary to accept what we feel in our hearts is not ethical. I know it is difficult going to a job daily when we are unhappy; feeling this way is not good for you, your health or the business. Only happy employees are productive; so do not let anything or anyone make going to work an unpleasant chore.

Never gage your life and your happiness by what is happening with others. Your Boss might think you are the only one who can do your job as well; so even though looking out for your best interest is important do not forget you are also important to the company or you would not be there.

When you feel a little blue about your workplace; pause a moment and think about the millions who are still unemployed, old, and young, parents with families who are out of work because of Globalization and American Companies that do not hire the unemployed. 

After pausing, be thankful you have a job and a paycheck to look forward to for you and your family. Do not let the politics of a workplace affects you in any way because compared to your family’s happiness it is not important. And, I know about workplace politics---I could write a book about it---and I might.

Don’t be a sponge saturated with office negativity and politics it will only weight down your spirit and make your life unpleasant; take a deep breath and exhale the imprudent ambiance, and rise above it. You are the master of your attitude---don’t let circumstance or other people affect your feelings.
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