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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Emotional Honesty: Is it Necessary for Productive Businesses?

When one of your employees comes to you with an issue ---you can bet that all the other employees know about it, even in a large company. Most unhappy employees tend to mull their issue(s) over, and then spread it around the office for everyone's opinion. Remember to deal with each issue as a type---in its own category.
Listening is essential in being in charge of a work force. We all need to use our ears 2/3 of the time and our mouth 1/3 to have better answers and solutions to all issues.
A business that can boast about production and employees with positive attitudes is one with savvy owners/managers who uses the emotional honesty concept.
Words: 120
What does this mean for your company? It means in lieu of work, time consuming speculations and conversations on issues prove non-productive. No, you do not call that employee in and reprimand them. What you do instead is plan a staff meeting, after you made your list then talk to them about the following:
·        First to start our meeting today, I should thank my employees who have remained positive in our working environment because of many issues we are dealing with in our world today. To name a few, the economy, higher prices at the gas pump, at the grocery store, no raises this year because we do not want to have a layoff---or have to downsize our staff.
·        Today we are going to discuss Emotions in the Workplace. Now, once it was common for businesses to tell employees to leave your home issues at the door because when you come to work, we want your full attention.
·        This is extremely outdated, and what I would like for each of you to do is make a list about what determines your emotional condition when leaving from home.
·        This could be juggling babysitters, to having a child sick at home---what do we do about it? Should I stay home? But I have too much work to do. This equals stress which affects our emotions and this can lead to fear. Fear we cannot find another babysitter in time to work. Will I be late for work or can I go to work---will I be fired?

No One Leaves Their Brain at Home:
We do not leave our brains at home. Therefore, why should anyone expect you to leave your emotions there? (It would be wise to will take this opportunity to discuss their emotional issues in the staff meeting after employees have prepared their list.)
What happens next ---the owner/manager is now aware that these valuable employees come to work with emotional baggage they can solve the issue--- with just a few words.
For instance if an employee needs time to find a sitter--tell them to call in and leave a message with whomever answers the company phones. Then tell the employee to call in when he/she is on the way to work.
No pressure--no stress. Solve with a few words from manager. And, the other employees are aware this person has issues also, then feeling more compassionate with their co-workers as the meeting goes on; and they become comfortable about sharing their emotional issues.
Attitudes will change for the better and the employees will feel appreciated because someone cares about them. Emotional honesty increases production as employees minds are on their work---not on feeling alone with their issues.
Words are Golden:
When you have everyone together in a meeting start it out with refreshments, coffee, tea, etc. cookies, cake or do-nuts. This time a little sugar might help sweeten the overall environment, and satisfy hunger. (I never took time to eat before I went to work. Not eating breakfast was my bad habit) so, this will really help, in keeping everyone's attention.
Because I can guarantee some employees will be nervous about speaking out in meetings because they fear retaliation.
These Golden Words are:
·        Pleasure: Experience a positive feeling coming to work, and doing the work you enjoy:
·        1.) Leave your desk at the end of the day in a neat working order.
·        2.) Everyone feel fortunate because so millions do not have jobs.
·        3.) Smile--it is contagious--see how many people smile back.
·        Passion: Do you love what you do? No, then do what you love, or incorporate it into your work, and keep the momentum going.
·        Trust: Does your staff trust the company, or your private business? Do they feel secure in working for your company? It would help if you shared with them any present or future plans, benefit(s) or bonus they will receive, or that you are working on to get them. Trust works both ways: Do you have key employees that you trust--most companies do--but do the other employees feel that same trust?
·        Opportunity: Employees become stimulated and sparkle with energy because they receive the opportunity to grow and improve themselves career wise.
·        There's no need to enroll them in a college course, but you can set up a course of cross-training. So everyone will eventually know how to work all the office positions.
·        Set up a schedule for everyone to cross train each employee. When completed, the teacher of that position will give a test to the trainee, and then the manager receives the results.
·        And points are given to that employee for passing. Make the points mean something to everyone. Have a party after hours.
Then the company operates smoothly when employees are on vacation or out period.
When stating to your employees that you have an open door policy please be there to hear what they have to say. When owners, managers, or supervisor come to work late constantly you may as well wear a sign that says I don't want to be here either!
Emotional Honesty is necessary for productive businesses.
Give Your Workplace a Grade
What Grade Would You Give Your Work Place?
·                 A---Because I look forward to going to work each day.
·        B---Because it is a good job.
·        C---Because I am not challenged in my job and it is boring.
·        D---Because it is a dead-end job---no raises or promotions
·        F---I would welcome being fired.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A New Day

As we open our eyes to a new day each of us have different issues or agendas rushing through our minds.

We turn our heads to at look at the clock, then stretch and yawn, as we mentally prepare for the day ahead.

 Preparing and wishing we did not have to get out of bed to face that big old world out there beyond our doors. The doors that kept the world out if just for a night, to keep us safe within the walls of our home.

 Some are fortunate to have their children early in the morning at the breakfast table, greeted by their big smiles as they are happy to be up ready for school or play.

 Others will be single individuals--- and most of the time with only one’s self to deal with early in the morning. Or, on the other hand; maybe have a room-mate, girlfriend or others to share our morning wake-up to another work day.

Whatever, you wake up to in the morning----make it a positive adventure if possible—because this will be the lyrics to your harmony all day.

And this makes you the master of your attitude. Will it be positive or negative?

 No one is immune from arriving to work to be greeted by an unsmiling receptionist, secretary or co-worker(s). Will this set the tone of your day?

Work Place of the Future

Will you be the master of retaining your harmony, or will your nerves hit a high note? Will you be the sponge for other's negative attitudes. Or will you be the master of your harmonious attitude, that prevents any negativity from bonding to you.

Monday morning bring the unfortunate staff, board, committee or company meetings; where one and all have to listen to the boss articulating his/her displeasure of absent employees.

But you are here, and yet he/she rants on and on, and when these employees returns to work—not a word is said to them from the boss.
So, what did you do---you tuned him/her out—just like when you were a teenager at home. Tuning out your Father and Mother was a very convenient escape from their “Laying down the Law ” routine.

It is called selective hearing and I feel I invented it, from my early years of listening to my mother---as she preached about what boys and girls I should and should not be friends with--because as some were wild---and some  even smoked cigarettes, (Oh my!), and some did not go to church.

Her philosophy was---- and I felt it was branded on my forehead, as I can still feel it sometimes----“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Well, as always I would say, “But Mother these people are not birds, and I cannot help it if you do not care for their parents.” As soon the words left my mouth—I was on restriction. I was always sure if I had died as a teenager the word, “Restriction” would be chiseled on my tombstone.

Back to the morning meeting, and after your boss finishes his/her rant, everyone has to return to their desks to try and catch up the work which has been neglected for the meeting. It will forever astound me that one’s boss does not realize how important each minute is for a productive employee. Send emails as all employees have computers—these days—if not—then insert the memo into their paycheck envelope.

So, your work morning is almost shot and as you try to make inroads with your stacks of work----that chatty employee drops by to tell you about his/her personal life, that you don’t give two hoots in---(well you know where)---about.

However, you kept working trying to give them a hint to leave you alone. But not until they finished their story, that is fascinating---only to--- them. It amazes me how these people do not get fired, and we have all worked with this type of person who socializes most of the workday.

It is 1:00 p.m. and now back at work finally getting something accomplished—then the boss’ secretary tells all employees for them to be in the boardroom at 2:00 p.m. to celebrate someone’s birthday---with cake and coffee---. 

By now, your hair is standing up, and the boss’ secretary has done a tap dance on your last nerve, when she sweetly bounced into your office to make her announcement.

But wait---this is where you should shake all the stress off, and change that attitude---and at 2:00---go to the party and have as much fun as the others.

Remember, you are still being paid by the boss, and this is what he/she wanted. Go with the flow, and stop being the one who puts all the stress on you. I have seen this happen so much to others—as well as to myself.

Is it really 3:00 p.m., and the party is over—and you have two hours left to make some headway in your work waiting on your desk. Well, now this is where the boss has made a big boo-boo, as workers are now hanging in offices of other co-workers; talking about the party and what they plan to do after work. This is a non-productive afternoon, hours lost never to be recovered again.

When the birthday celebration could have been celebrated at the beginning of the meeting for 15 minutes, therefore, saving the extra 45 minutes for the employees to be productive, and not be interrupted in the afternoon. Then four hours of the workplace being used to work—not partying.

This is good productive management to utilize the workday time in a structured manner, which will accomplish three disciplined goals.

1.      The birthday person is acknowledged for 15 minutes before the meeting.

2.      The workers are not interrupted in the afternoon, therefore, saving four hours of work   time ---for the employees to work.

3.      Employees will not be tempted to keep the party going after 3:00 p.m. until the end of the day.

So, now you can work until time to leave for the day, therefore, stress has been eliminated and you feel proud of your successful achievement.

As you leave work on a more productive day, your attitude is still positive and a smile is still on your face, and the music still in your head to make this a harmonious day.
Welcome to employee and employer—share what is on your mind.
  • What would you like changed in your workplace?  For Employee to answer.

  • How would you change your weekly schedule for a more productive workforce?  For Employer to answer.
  • Is your day more productive when your attitude is more positive?  For the Employee

  • As you walk through your office, are your employees working or visiting?

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