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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Favoritism: Are You Discriminated at Work?

Do you work in an office where the favorite employee(s) are receiving extra privileges? Like being given bonuses, extra vacation days with pay, getting to choose what project they will work on; getting holidays off and getting the office title they want. And, maybe the employee(s) report to work late and are never reprimanded.

The Boss may chastise other employees about being late in the morning or from lunch; in a staff meeting in front of everyone. What do you say?

Do you just sit there and take it? Or, do you ask why certain employees and come in late without a word from the Boss?

Is it because the employee(s) know the boss on a personal level such as being in the same clubs, or a childhood friend, or maybe going to the same church?

Please remember no matters how often the Boss’ favorites get special privileges do not let it affect your work, nor, should you treat the employee(s) any different. Always stay positive and never gossip or be a sponge that soaks up negativity.

If at some point you wish to speak to the Boss about this do it in private. And, make sure you have your questions you want answered. Before you do remember no one likes being seen in a bad light especially your Boss who signs your checks.

It might be wiser to remain silent and let time take care of the workplace discrimination; after thinking about it and weighing the pluses and minuses it might be the savvy way to go.
That being said; I always tell everyone when it was mentioned to me about favorites in our office to rise above it

It is never wise to get caught in office politics, so it might be sensible to just let it go.
A positive attitude and the ability to get along with your fellow employees will always be a plus in everyone’s opinion. 

One day you might be the go to person for the right reasons; then you will deserve the honor because you maintained a positive productive attitude in the workplace.

Never act unprofessional at work and never let your production be anything but flawless. You will soar among the professionals when your conduct and attitude is above reproach.

Remember to always be the master of how others regard you in the workplace. Never stoop to the level of gossiping about others in the office and especially your Boss. I always felt I was too professional to let others dictate my conduct. Therefore, office favoritism or in some cases nepotism never affected my work or how I treated others.

I treated everyone the same, therefore no one knew who I did not care for and whom I did. There are worst intrusions in the workplace such as working with lazy employees who loaf through the day and leave work as fresh as a daisy. These are the ones that make me wonder if their references were checked before hiring them.

So the best counsel I can give you is: rise above it. And, let the office politics live without your input.
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