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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nepotism in the Workplace

If you have never encountered Nepotism in your career---then you are very fortunate. Nepotism is sometimes a two way street---with relatives who are very dedicated workers and do not expect any favors---just the opportunity to work and be a team player.

And, then there are the relatives from another planet---who never get to work on time, take days off whenever they please, not a team player, who thinks they can goof off all day and do very little work. Relatives who visits and talks to friends on the phone excessively. Or friends that just happened to drop by in a very busy office where others are doing 110% to get their job completed.

Now if the owner/manager thinks this is going unobserved---think again. Everyone is either thinking or gossiping about it. Which means---not only is the lazy relative getting paid to do very little or nothing---but now the employees are taking time to gossip about it.

I know this really makes the hard working employees feel exasperated--- and many who get disillusioned with the working environment of Nepotism go to other jobs. And, many update their resumes and start looking for a better place to work.

Now if you like what you are doing in this workplace---here is my suggestion to you:

1.     Keep your mind on your own work and let others gossip if they feel the need. Remember, what you say can be twisted around and carried to the very person everyone is gossiping about. Keep your thoughts to yourself---do not share your opinion(s) with anyone other employee.

2.     You are still getting a paycheck for what you do. And, do not think the owner/manager is not watching what each employee is doing. Stay in your office/area/ or where ever you work and do your job.

3.     One might think they know the reason a relative was hired---but I can assure anyone that you probably do not know. Nor, will you ever know the real reason.

4.     It is none of your business. Do not get involve in office politics and do not socialize with the office gossips.

5.     Be pleasant and converse with fellow workers---but do not share your opinion and do not stay around people who are gossiping.

6.     Your purpose for this job is to be paid for the duties you are responsible in executing. That and only that---this is not High School so you do not have to fit in with every group.

7.     Be happy each morning to go to work---only worry about yourself and your job. Everyone else can do the same or not---you do not worry about what anyone else is doing---nor should you feel the need to share why you are not gossiping.

To maintain and keep the office in the productive mode calls for a savvy employer/owner. All employers and owners should be aware of employee issues in the workplace.