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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Boss Who Respects

Statistics show that over 31% of workers who quit their jobs do because of their bosses. And, we are not talking about a few thousand people, but over 2 million quit their employment every month. Therefore, 31% is a vast amount of unhappy employees.

From a Gallup Poll (Link Below) researching 142 countries worldwide only 13% of all workers are happy in their employment; with the remaining 63% proved not inspired---in other words each worked for payday and Friday; and 24% proved non-productive, unhappy and likely to show a negative attitude in the workplace.

Remember the slogan: The Buck Stops Here---therefore, it is the boss of the company who has the power to find out why his employees are not happy working for him/her. If a company hired a savvy person to manage the office and employees then there should be no problem.
  • Here are some reasons for issues to exist: a.) Nepotism b.) Boss’ references not checked c.) Boss’ background not checked d.) Boss favors certain employees e.) Socialized with certain employees f.) Employees overlooked for a promotion g.) Not paid for excellent work ethics h.)Underpaid for title of job

And, the list goes on to illustrate that a boss who ignored his due-diligence, because the company that hired him, they neglected their due-diligence before hiring a man/woman who could jeopardize the company’s production and profit; and prove not suitable for the position initially.

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Unhappy employees are not: energized, eager, productive, at work every day and not positive. Their face tells it all---it is difficult to miss when someone is unhappy.
  • What a Boss Should Do:
  •  a.) Respect his employees by paying them for their work-worth; that means by the title and the duties. Give bonuses to the ones who excel by always being at work and completing their duties. 
  • b.) And, leaving a clean and safe workplace. 
  • c.) communication with employees. 
  • d.) Walk around casually and see who looks unhappy---get out of your office
  • e.) Have a staff meeting with a prepared speech about sharing any concern or suggestions 
  • f.) The next day walk through your employees and ask each employee quietly if you may write their name down to talk in your office at their convenience

Then the unhappiness should fade away after each employee meets with the boss. And, the good news is---the unhappiness may stem from another office issue---that a confident boss to nips in the bud.

Now as a savvy “Boss” keep your employees happy by always showing appreciation and respect. And, they will be productive and respectful. The duties of a boss are not always simple, but it is better to stay ahead of any issues in lieu of lagging behind with an amazed look on your face.

2013 Gallup Poll---Click the Link Below: 
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Working with a Problematic Boss

Most all employees have worked with an abstruse boss who is difficult to understand. When you were hired it was not in your “Employee Handbook” if you were lucky enough to have one. And, nowhere was it printed you would not only perform your duties; but learn to work under a difficult boss.

I have worked under a few diverse bosses, however, one of my favorites was the Principal of the Elementary School where I taught Phonic. She was a joy to behold and an Angel to everyone, but when she spoke in meetings---everyone listened and went by her rules. She was very much loved by everyone.

And then there was the other kind who was inconsistent, a Queen of procrastinators, never on time to work, had her favorites in the office. And, to give an example of this:

In a staff meeting she stated no one could have any off days or vacations in the month of June. And of course most of the employees took this as a new rule for all to live by in the office. However, an employee got a vacation for two weeks in June---and who was it---one of her favorites.

Now since June was the only month my husband could take a vacation---we had to cancel our plans and I worked while he stayed at home on his vacation and went fishing. Did I say anything? The next staff meeting when this was brought up again---I voiced my concerns in a professional manner. This rule was never applied again.

I say speak your mind---it can be done at the right time even if you have to wait a year to do it. But I have to be honest here---I always spoke up when I did not agree with her on any issues where I knew she was wrong or it could not be done and it affected the particulars of my job.

I always look for something to like in everyone and even she had her good moments. As she owned the company where I worked I always expected more from an owner/manager than she gave to all employees. But I did not walk in her shoes---nor would I want to---as I have seen times when she was stressed out. And, at the same time she did not mind stressing us out on various company changes which was made in an unprofessional manner---but not on her part. But we all had to deal with it for the company and I was happy to help in anyway.

I had a huge job and my duties took every minute of the workday to complete, and most of the time I did not know what was happening in the office---but the girls kept me informed. We always joked that Staff Meetings were useless---the rules she made in the meetings were broken sometimes before we got back to our offices.

So, everyone can learn to appreciate a good boss when you have one and learn to work around a difficult one---as well. People came and went in her business---and I outlasted most as I loved the work I was doing in communicating with people and helping them.

One day I decided I was tired of it all and I resigned with great pleasure. However, I did care for the people in the office and I missed them for a long time.

Always look for the good in everyone---and then work with that as a life lesson. We cannot made and mold humans for the perfect people to be around---but we can grow as a person and learn to deal with what is dispensed us in life---issues or people. It always needs attention--- the employee issues in the workplace.

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