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Monday, December 30, 2013

Savvy Companies are Allowing Employees to Telecommute

Telecommuting is prospering in America as the new working trend of being disconnected from the physical office space to one being able to work at home.

Therefore, a huge savings in money for smaller office space for businesses, plus many other savings by letting the employees telecommute.

And, a huge savings for the employees on transportation, clothes, and lower insurance rates are possible since one is not driving to work. Savvy Companies are frugal that uses employees as Telecommuters.

Employees, who work from home, stay connected by their computers with video---live-stream when a staff meeting is necessary, or a conference call or memo from the boss is necessary. We are living in a world of high technology with Skype and VolP calls sent through one’s computer---so the savvy bosses will use it to communicate with employees who work at home.

Many companies believe if the employees are not under their care, custody and control that productivity will disappear.

And, this outdated way of thinking lacks trust, and without trust in your employees you will be the loser. It is just the opposite for many home workers, they experience less stress without the long commute to work, because many drive an hour or more to work and then home again.

Telecommuters are more productive and have higher retention rates in many cases than the in-office workers.

Less stress means one’s mind is more creative, focused without the distractions of office conflicts and office-politics.

Yes, it is time the American Businesses reevaluate their costs of: office space, electric, insurance, cleaning services, office equipment, phone bills, and etc. And come into the 21st Century to explore all the avenues of the future and how they can reinvest their saving by their employees telecommuting.

Just think a boss from his office can operate a business with the correct technology and save at the same time. There are so many companies that do not need in-office employees who are office workers, data entry workers, receptionist, answering service centers, computer programmers, customer service reps., insurance, medical clerks, and the list goes on.

Large Companies that are hesitating about telecommuting can start with a small group; and then create a plan to expand.

It is only good business sense to a larger profit by being frugal and saving the company and the employees money.
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