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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Conflict in the Workplace---For Managers/Owners

We all know when a group of people are working together there will one or two who will disagree.

If this is not handle in a professional manner between the two employees---then the manager/owner is needed to resolve the issue.

When this occurs it is the manager/owner’s duty to nip it in the bud quickly so the employees can get back to work. And don’t fool yourself the employees are not affected by someone else’s issues.

As a professional who has worked with different types of personalities---I can tell you I am forever shocked that one adult cannot relate to another to explain their differences or concerns. 

Some act in such an unprofessional manner I am embarrassed for them and I always wonder why these adult employees are not more professional.

I once worked in an office where two employees who had a conflict with each other went outside in the parking lot and screamed and shouted at each other. Finally the owner/manager went outside to break it up.

To me this is such low-class behavior---in other words vulgar and crude---it is not in my professional zone. I would not tolerate such behavior---I would have fired them both as they had previously made several trips into the office to be reprimanded before this happened.

When hiring employees make sure as a manager/owner it is emphasized employees are here to be productive and there should be no reason everyone cannot manage to work well together.

If there is an issue---then the new hire should be advised to contact the manager/owner---whoever is in charge to take care of the issue in a professional manner.

Let everyone know this type of behavior will not be tolerated at any level. Everyone needs to act professional in a professional environment. They are employed to work and do their assigned duties---nothing else is relevant.

It is the manager/owners responsibility to maintain a professional and pleasant workplace for the employees. If after talking to someone several times---make notes of all the conversation---have a witness is in the office while talking to the employee to protect yourself legally---let them know they have created an unpleasant workplace by causing conflict.

Tell them one more time and they will be fired---no talking will be necessary---this is a business and everyone is expected to act in a professional manner.

A good manager/owner will not tolerate one person to cause a lot of stress throughout the office workplace. Have this person sign a reprimand form which stated the subject discussed and if it happens again what measures will be taken.

Don’t fool yourself as the manager/owner that your employees are not talking about this---some may even be updating their resume to look for a more professional working environment. If this is not handled correctly---you might be interviewing in the near future to fill the positions of the ones who are leaving this unpleasant workplace.

Employees have a right to work in a friendly office ambiance---just dealing with outside life is stressful enough for people now days---the office should be a safe and pleasant workplace..

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