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Friday, January 31, 2014

Employers & Employees Must Prepare against Workplace Violence

Businesses large, small and family owned should implement a ‘Workplace Violence Policy’ and a ‘Defensive Program.’  Then execute regular training for all employees in how to protect one’s self if violence occurs in the workplace.

Have a staff meeting with all employees after the work day. Send out a notification stating the meeting is on a certain date and it is mandatory.

Begin with the four (4) broad categories:

Type 1. Violent Acts by Criminals. Criminals who selected a workplace without any connection with employees---only to rob. This is about 80% of workplace homicides, because the criminal has a weapon, in most cases a gun and in all probability will either kill or hurt someone.

This category of violence spotlights on certain work-related groups.

a.) Taxi Drivers---the job with maximum risk of being murdered.

b.) Late Night Retail  

c.) Fast Foods Delivery Drivers  

d.) Gas Station Clerks 

e.) Other Night Workers---located in remote or unsafe neighborhoods.

f.) workers who made the nightly deposits or carry cash.

Type 2. Violence Focused at Employees.  By customers, clients, patients, students, prisoners or others who receives services on the premises or in-the-home.This category of violence spotlights workers who are performing their duties like: Police officers, security guards, correctional officers, mental health worker. When an Irate customer not receiving or obtaining services and/or the quality of service, becomes violent.

But sadly the employees who experience the highest rate of violence of the Type 2 are health-care workers---nurses particularly, doctors, nurses, aides in dealing with psychiatric patients; emergency medical teams; and hospital employees working in admissions, E.R.’s and crisis or critical units.

Type 3. Violence against Co-Workers, Supervisor, or managers. By a present or past employee.

Type 4. Violence Committed in the Workplace by Non-employees. Violence by domestic abusers or any personal relations. Type 3 and Type 4 violence are as just as serious as any other violence committed against a person. 

The only difference in Type 3 and Type 4 is one may receive warning signs when it is from an employee or someone close to the employee, therefore the owner/manager will see or be notified by another employee of the current issues another employee is experiencing. Therefore, preventive measures are taken to protect the other employees.

Employers are legally and morally obligated to uphold a workplace environment free from threats and violence. If an employer thinks it will not happen in his business then he is not acting responsibly; and is putting his employees in jeopardy.

Employees Do your Due Diligence by speaking to your employer about workplace violence if a program it not currently mandated in your workplace. In meetings everyone should understand to work together as a unit for everyone’s safety and protection. And, that means if any co-worker is dealing with:

·        stalking,
·        spousal abuse,
·        divorce, 
·        bad relationship break-up,
·        involved in a lawsuit,
·        uninvited attention from anyone
·        threats

Any issues that could and would affect an employee and other co-workers are brought up in the meeting(s). Don’t be afraid to bring anything up that is a concern---and let your employer know about it, even if it pertains to someone else. No one is to leave the meeting---without speaking out about any issues---no matter how small they might seem. It is the smallest incident that sometimes becomes the deadliest.

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