Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Procrastinating Boss

I am a positive get it done yesterday kind of person, therefore, working for a procrastinating boss
was a real challenge. I would have to say I could deal with most deficiencies in a boss, but one who procrastinated really got on my last nerve.

And, because I pride myself as a professional my boss never knew it—I learned to work around all the grand and glorious plans and promises we heard at staff meetings.

A few others were not as silent, and they kept me laughing after each meeting with their comic remarks. We tried not to look at one another when our boss starting telling what we would be doing in the future because of our smart work accomplishments and how we would be rewarded.

Promises, promises were just words that floated around our heads into the vents to be never heard again, until the next meeting. We often wondered why the ones who were the closest to our boss—never opened their mouths--never mind the office favorites—plus the nepotism—not a sound was heard.

 I went to work each day with a positive attitude and tried to instill it in others that were depressed about how things went in our office environment. There were the employees that did their jobs and others who worked even harder at not doing their jobs. And, I am sure you know what I mean.
We had certain people with titles that were trusted to do their job in order to keep the company in the green—and these were the people who visited from one office to another in the morning time—until it was about time for the boss to come in late.

Our boss would arrive about lunchtime— go straight to the executive office and was met by another titled procrastinator who had done nothing all morning but visited offices and talked. I was always too busy for her visits—she sometimes tried, but soon left when I ignored her and continued working.

If you find yourself in this situation—learn to stay positive and work around it. Some people could not therefore, they found another job.

One day, I decided I did want to work there any longer. I enjoyed my job working with the clients I had—it was a joy to work with most of the ladies in the office. Remember, if you are still in the workforce—stay positive and professional. Rise above it all and never gossip and your life will be more harmonious while you work.

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