Monday, December 30, 2013

Savvy Companies are Allowing Employees to Telecommute

Telecommuting is prospering in America as the new working trend of being disconnected from the physical office space to one being able to work at home.

Therefore, a huge savings in money for smaller office space for businesses, plus many other savings by letting the employees telecommute.

And, a huge savings for the employees on transportation, clothes, and lower insurance rates are possible since one is not driving to work. Savvy Companies are frugal that uses employees as Telecommuters.

Employees, who work from home, stay connected by their computers with video---live-stream when a staff meeting is necessary, or a conference call or memo from the boss is necessary. We are living in a world of high technology with Skype and VolP calls sent through one’s computer---so the savvy bosses will use it to communicate with employees who work at home.

Many companies believe if the employees are not under their care, custody and control that productivity will disappear.

And, this outdated way of thinking lacks trust, and without trust in your employees you will be the loser. It is just the opposite for many home workers, they experience less stress without the long commute to work, because many drive an hour or more to work and then home again.

Telecommuters are more productive and have higher retention rates in many cases than the in-office workers.

Less stress means one’s mind is more creative, focused without the distractions of office conflicts and office-politics.

Yes, it is time the American Businesses reevaluate their costs of: office space, electric, insurance, cleaning services, office equipment, phone bills, and etc. And come into the 21st Century to explore all the avenues of the future and how they can reinvest their saving by their employees telecommuting.

Just think a boss from his office can operate a business with the correct technology and save at the same time. There are so many companies that do not need in-office employees who are office workers, data entry workers, receptionist, answering service centers, computer programmers, customer service reps., insurance, medical clerks, and the list goes on.

Large Companies that are hesitating about telecommuting can start with a small group; and then create a plan to expand.

It is only good business sense to a larger profit by being frugal and saving the company and the employees money.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Dating Relationship at Work

Professional career minded employees do not date their co-workers in small offices, or small companies. Most small businesses are privately owned and located in small towns to large cities. So the location and numbers of employees varies depending also on what type of company.

In large businesses with many floors one might speculate the risk is better. And what do I mean by risk---exactly that---one faces many perils in dating a co-worker in a small business environment. So, given more space between their workplace areas on different floors is better for both.

Never date your Boss; this is a big taboo---it is like jumping off a career cliff---one might land in the unemployment line. And, this means in a small or large business in small town or big city---it is a bad idea.

This is your decision of course and I am not one who will stand in the way of true love, however, I can share with you my knowledge and experience of what happens in small and large companies on this subject.

We will for the sake of anonymity name this person Helen. Helen’s resume’ showed her as a very skilled legal secretary and she spoke four languages.  A head hunter hired Helen from another firm to work in a larger one. Her immediate Boss and his wife had separated, which was something Helen did not know and did not seem to want to know anything personal about anyone in the legal corporation.

Being new some of the women invited her out after work for a drink to find out as much about her as possible. They were not labeled as the office gossips; but it never hurt to know your competition in business. Especially, since she was working for a very handsome attorney who was a full partner in the firm.

Helen was a very attractive career minded person and was one who never gossiped or share much about herself. Then as the weeks flew by Helen was working late with her Boss almost every night. Well, if that was not enough for the office gossip, Helen accepted a few dates on several weekends with an attorney from her old firm.

We will call him Jake, and to prove the truth is more twisted sometimes than fiction. Jake was good friends with Helen’s Boss’ wife---they grew up in the same neighborhood. Well, we know how people talk sometimes who wants to brag a little. It seems he was bragging to Helen’s Boss’ wife about her husband’s beautiful legal secretary---however, he did not add he was dating Helen.

Long story short---Helen’s Boss and his wife went back together and his wife insisted that her husband get another secretary. So Helen was temporarily out of a job, but she obtained a good reference from her Boss who let his wife dictate to him about whom should work for him.

So, all of Helen’s dedication at the firm did not matter now, because her Boss terminated her and it was not her fault. She had worked less than 90 days. Helen got to the bottom of what happened and obtained her own attorney and sued for everything she lost in her future benefits and stock options, since she signed a contract for a year. This taught her a lesson in savvy dating even in the same field as one’s Boss, because the results proved the same as dating in a small office.

I share this with all the career women who might not stop and survey the lay of the land---this is very important to know where you stand and to look ahead for any issues. Make sure you protect yourself as well as your career when dealing with small and larger businesses. And, never gossip with anyone---walk a straight line to secure the least amount of work related issues.

If one is contemplating dating a co-worker first make sure it is not against the company rules. Check the “Employee’s Handbook” and then check with Human-Resources. Dating at work is a big issue one needs to to really think about all the positives and negatives before making the decision. After doing your due-diligence and feeling comfortable about it---I wish you the very best.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Appalling Bosses are Costing Owners Millions

Why experienced loyal employees are quitting their jobs?

Millions of Americans remain unemployed and yet approximately two million Americans quit their jobs each year. While over 32% that are working are pursuing other jobs. What is going on? Could it be appalling bosses and poor management? It is true appalling bosses are costing owners millions.

People are quitting their jobs because of bad bosses or supervisors and poor management. It makes one wonder about what decade this start in? When will companies wake-up to the fact their managers and supervisors should always act professional in all business affairs. This means certified, well-trained with proven skills and experience. And, know how to treat all employees equal, fair, and with respect.

Appalling Bosses (Managers and Supervisors)

The trouble begins when dedicated employees become mistreated for various reasons, the boss is having a bad day, he or she is having marriage problems or etc. He or she raises his/her voice and/or tells an employee: “Not now, I do not have time to talk to you today.” And, this is after informing the employee: “My door is always open, so there is no reason I cannot be informed of issues right away.”

Or, a promised raise that never comes, or if the deserving employee asks for a raise and the boss rudely responds: I would love to give everyone a raise, but it is not possible. The employee did not ask for a raise for everyone, just for him/her. What an unprofessional way to handle a key employee. And this happens all the time by uncaring bosses who do not even try to give this person more money.

A manager or supervisor who walks around the office finding fault and embarrasses the employees, talks in a loud and demeaning voice and slams things around is an unspeakable person to work for or with.

Promises made in staff meetings-- but are never carried through---by the manager or supervisor. A person whose word is not their bond, and soon no one believes them---the boss becomes a bad joke that is not funny when the employees bear the stress from it all.

What the Employee Does Next

What happens next is this loyal employee updates his/her resume’ and starts job searching, and gets snapped up right away. Word in the business world gets around about the brilliant and dedicated employee who’s dissatisfied with their present job; and headhunters are watching out for them, as they have feelers out with people who will report to them.

This happens more often than people think, and working with a self-centered boss who sprouts platitudes just because it sounds great in the staff meeting is a weekly affair. Employees make fun and talk about their boss, but that does not solve the issue.

Millions of dollars are lost because of large turnovers in companies, the new employees need training, but even skilled ones cannot productively replace ones that worked there for years. So, why isn’t this issue nipped in the bud, because the actual owners hear a different story from the managers or supervisors, which is not always the truth.

Owners Responsibilities--- (The Buck Stops Here!)

This leaves the Owner/CEO/President of the company scratching his/her head and feeling powerless. However, to save millions, keep experienced employee, with little turnover, save money on training new people; the owner needs to show up in his/her business when unexpected and conduct  his/her own staff meeting.

The business belongs to the owner, therefore, one’s livelihood, it’s their right to inform all the employee of the issues costing the company money, and if any employee needs to speak to their immediate boss and cannot do so, then give them the number to call after work. 

And, let them know you are serious about this---and if anyone else puts in their resignation; leave instruction to send it directly to you--- the owner. However, before it gets to this point---call this number after work and we will talk. I will not let my experienced employees walk out the door because of a bad boss or poor management.

Be a hands on owner---and it does not mean every day, but made surprise visits without notice to the managers and supervisors. Show up and visit while the weekly staff meeting is being held. It is sad that when someone’s paid a great salary to conduct and perform as a manager for the owner---they do a dreadful job.

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Emotional Honesty is Needed in the Workplace

Workplace Where Professional Attitude and Excellent Behavior Prevails

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bullying in Workplace Holds Employers Liable

Over 25 states have in place an “Abusive Workplace Environment Act” waiting approval for making a bill.  But will the bill protect the employee in the private sector? It appears it will protect the state government agencies, counties, and employees paid by the state governments. Awareness of the issue is important and employers should remember bullying in workplace holds employers liable.

Where does that leave the other employees of America? It is the employer’s place to support a secure and safe environment for his employees and if he does not then, he is liable.

Why hasn’t it become a federal law? One reason is business lobbyist who influences our government leaders; do not want laws that would hurt the business which pays the lobbyists.  And, Congress believes it would give workers a field day of suing for the least little action. Since they do not face bullying in their workplace it is not important to them to help the American workers.

How long should the workforce wait for protection from workplace bullying?  Fifty (50) percent of adult workers have personally experienced bullying or witnessed workplace abuse. So let’s put it in the hands of the employers where it belongs.

Employers should have in their policies and procedures that workplace bullying is not tolerated. And, to educate employees about bullying. An employer should have workplace workshops to tell all employees. And, if an employee sees or told about any bullying happening in the business; then the ones who kept quiet about the bullying would be held accountable as well.

Bullying is damaging to the employer as well as the employee and is not tolerated in any form whatsoever. The employer should educate the employees with meetings and hand out the addendum(s) added to their policies and procedures section of the “Employee Handbook.”

If an employer disregards a complaint from an employee and does nothing about it; let me suggest get legal advice. Because of the economy employees cannot secure another job as easily as before; because for every job openings there are many people who apply for one job.

Bullying in the workplace is more prevalent than anyone first thought and it can cause serious health damages, from mistreatment, verbal abuse or threatening conduct to the employee singled out; will have negative effects such as:

  • Absenteeism and low output
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Lowered self-esteem and depression
  • migraines
  • Non-productive at work
  • Personal problems outside of work can form
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Stress
  • Trouble with relationships due to stress over work

Employees should always document and keep notes with dates, times and name of the offender, and any witness to it. Be meticulously proficient in obtaining proof as you may need it for your attorney if the employer does nothing about it. 
Keep you notebook at home so it cannot be taken out of your desk or from your locker. Make sure that you are the target for the bullying and that it is not happening to more than you. However, if you are part of a group being bullied then, there is a thin line between bullying and harassment; this would be for your legal adviser to decide.

Employers should know that:
           Intimidation, Mistreatment,  Oppression, Harassment, Victimization, Maltreatment, 
      Discrimination, Singling Out an individual, Terrorizing, and Persecuting.

The above are different types of bullying in the workplace. So be a savvy boss and take care of your workers and do not tolerate bullying in any form. One large lawsuit can reduce the business' liquid assets or close the business completely. Be aware that the employer, the company and the bullying employee can and will usually be sued by the victim.

Nip the bullying in the bud with education to all employees,--- put it in your policies and procedures section of the Employee Handbook and check the employees quietly to see what is going on in the workplace.  You are the one responsible for your employees; so act like it by doing your due-diligence and making a positive work environment, which will equal a productive and successful business. And, it is important to remember that bullying in workplace holds employers liable.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Companies Downsizing

Is there gossip in the workplace about the future possibility of company downsizing? And that it will happen soon? Has your manager given any indication in your recent staff meeting it will happen?

Never assume that some will escape the axe of economization. Always prepare for what life may present right in your face. Never feel badly when and if this happens. Remember what our mothers told us when a door closes a window opens. This will be a new start if it happens to you.

When you hear or see the first signs your company is having issues update your résumé and get written references from co-workers/clients; if you feel their references would help you to secure a new job.
Do not sit on your hands and hope for the best. Be realistic and ask yourself do I want to stay any longer with a company that is having issues?

Do I want to wait until they file bankruptcy? Or do I want to prepare and plan ahead with setting up interviews. Are you going to look out for number one? If you do you will be ahead of the game.

If you live in a city then you are able to do research to learn what companies are hiring. Self-interest is when you self-market to your friends to find out if their company is hiring after you research their stability. Also, register with Employment Agencies to get additional assistance on job searching.

Do not let the economy stop you from taking care of business there are always issues in life; rise above them. Be your own best friend and promote yourself by networking.

If your present employer becomes aware of your endeavor and asks you about it; be honest and ask if they would prepare a written reference for you on company letterhead. That you will give a two weeks’ notice before leaving if that is acceptable with them. If you are working for professional employers they will understand and some might even appreciate the fact the more employees are securing their own future. It will mean the lesser employees they have to layoff.

However, if the worst case scenario happens and they become upset and tell you that you are fired; then you will get severance pay and you can go straight to the unemployment office and register for unemployment. Most people get jobs before they receive unemployment at least that has been the experience of the people I know. Then you will be glad you prepared ahead of time. But if it takes a while do not be ashamed of receiving unemployment while you look for a job.

And remember there's no disgrace in being laid-off, downsized, or even terminated. Some of the most famous people in the world have seen a pink slip or two in their lives. The disgrace is not to think ahead and be prepared. Always be the master of your own plans do not let others surprise you in life as some employers and businesses like to keep secrets of financial issues until the bitter end.

Mark Cuban who worked at a computer store is now a Billionaire and this one will astonish you. Walt Disney was fired by an editor that said he lacked imagination and did not have good ideas. See what happened they went on to bigger and better things. These are just two of so many who have travel down the road of unemployment. When a door closes opportunity often knocks. Will you be ready to answer it?
The way I see it the only disgrace in life is doing nothing. And there are people in our world who do nothing everyday because they lack ambition, and to me they are just living a plain slothful existence. Not the kind of life for someone who wants the best for themselves and their family.

Always be positive and professional in every situation life gives you. I remember my Daddy's advice; a man/woman worthwhile is a one who can smile when everything goes dead wrong.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Stop the Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Environment

When I hear or read about an employee who had to leave their place of employment because of office harassment or discrimination it infuriates me. I want to know--- what was the manager/owner doing at this time. Why wasn’t the manager/owner doing their job?

If managers/owners do not know their employees and what is happening in the office---then I say---you are not doing your job. You have the legal responsibility of maintaining a workplace without discrimination or harassment.

Managers/Owners are responsible for securing a safe and pleasant workplace environment. If they are not monitoring the flow of the work and how well the employees communicate with each other. Then they are leaving the law suit door open for the employee(s) who might bring a lawsuit against the manager/owner and the company. One large lawsuit can close a company down and damage the lives of the other employees who are completely innocent of any wrong doing.

If you are an owner of a company who has hired a manager to operate your business then I presume you are monitoring the manager and your business with surprise visits. In these visits walk around the office alone and watch the employees at their duties. Then notice the ones grouped together at lunch time and then look for that one or maybe two employees who are eating alone.

If you are a savvy owner you will wait until lunch time is over and then talk with the one or two employees who are not lunching with the group. You may find out that an issue needs to be addressed---or you may find out they like to talk alone at lunch ---so no issues there.

Then talk to the manager and see what she/he says about the employees and if--- he/she does not know about the two groups at lunch. Then something else might be transpiring in the office---like harassment or discrimination. If the manager makes up excuses and gives argumentative answers; then you might need to protect your business---by getting a manager that has your concerns and your back.

Managers are legal trustees who are entrusted to control property or to act on behalf of and for the benefit of another---like the owner in this case. When an owners hires a manager it should be done in a professional manner by checking the references, background checks and drug screening.

Make sure you ask in the references if there were any issues you should be made aware of that might affect your business. Because the manager you hire will have in their care, custody and control all your employees and business.

In the interview with the applicant for manager---cover all the areas that might occur in discrimination or harassment in hiring, firing, salary or promotions centered on:

  • Age---Discrimination is forbidden for ages 40 and over---but does not address the age of anyone under 40.
  • Disabilities
  • Gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Race, color, ethnicity, national origin
  • Religion
  • Immigration Status---make sure the manager knows that it is illegal not hire someone because of their accent or being from a foreign country if they qualify for the position. Managers should know what legal documents to ask for and to verity the applicant can work in the USA.
  • Make sure the I-9’s are filled out properly and the correct documents are examined before the witness signs the I-9 as someone who represents your company. Everyone in the office should know all the rules and regulations for this form.

A pleasant working environment is what makes an office, business, or corporation more productive; therefore, the company’s assets will increase daily.

Have the manager give monthly training in staff meeting on all aspects of workplace harassment and discrimination.  And have worksheets for each employee to complete and turn in at the next meeting with any questions that might need clarification.

As the owner---visit the meetings and read the questions submitted. Then ask the manager how she/he handled the answers and if the employees accept it as understanding.

This training will take a while---but it will be worth it to your employees and business. After the training is completed have each employee sign a form stating they completed the course---give them a copy of the form and put the other one in their file.

If any issue arises in reference to an employee harassing or discriminating against another employee---just pull out the form he/she signed and asked them to tell you their side of the issue. Of course all managers/owners know to always have a witness in the office while talking to an employee--- to keep it legal and protect yourself and the business.

Tell them under no certain terms they will not remain in your employment if this ever happens again. This is a violation against everyone in the company. Then have them sign a form stating exactly what just occurred and what will happen if their actions reoccur again.

Then talk to the employee who was the object of harassment or discrimination and let them know the issue has been dealt with---but feel free to report anything else that occurs.

Any business owner knows the strength of a successful business is a pleasant workplace environment. So make sure you are in control and stop the harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Conflict in the Workplace---For Managers/Owners

We all know when a group of people are working together there will one or two who will disagree.

If this is not handle in a professional manner between the two employees---then the manager/owner is needed to resolve the issue.

When this occurs it is the manager/owner’s duty to nip it in the bud quickly so the employees can get back to work. And don’t fool yourself the employees are not affected by someone else’s issues.

As a professional who has worked with different types of personalities---I can tell you I am forever shocked that one adult cannot relate to another to explain their differences or concerns. 

Some act in such an unprofessional manner I am embarrassed for them and I always wonder why these adult employees are not more professional.

I once worked in an office where two employees who had a conflict with each other went outside in the parking lot and screamed and shouted at each other. Finally the owner/manager went outside to break it up.

To me this is such low-class behavior---in other words vulgar and crude---it is not in my professional zone. I would not tolerate such behavior---I would have fired them both as they had previously made several trips into the office to be reprimanded before this happened.

When hiring employees make sure as a manager/owner it is emphasized employees are here to be productive and there should be no reason everyone cannot manage to work well together.

If there is an issue---then the new hire should be advised to contact the manager/owner---whoever is in charge to take care of the issue in a professional manner.

Let everyone know this type of behavior will not be tolerated at any level. Everyone needs to act professional in a professional environment. They are employed to work and do their assigned duties---nothing else is relevant.

It is the manager/owners responsibility to maintain a professional and pleasant workplace for the employees. If after talking to someone several times---make notes of all the conversation---have a witness is in the office while talking to the employee to protect yourself legally---let them know they have created an unpleasant workplace by causing conflict.

Tell them one more time and they will be fired---no talking will be necessary---this is a business and everyone is expected to act in a professional manner.

A good manager/owner will not tolerate one person to cause a lot of stress throughout the office workplace. Have this person sign a reprimand form which stated the subject discussed and if it happens again what measures will be taken.

Don’t fool yourself as the manager/owner that your employees are not talking about this---some may even be updating their resume to look for a more professional working environment. If this is not handled correctly---you might be interviewing in the near future to fill the positions of the ones who are leaving this unpleasant workplace.

Employees have a right to work in a friendly office ambiance---just dealing with outside life is stressful enough for people now days---the office should be a safe and pleasant workplace..

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Working with a Problematic Boss

Most all employees have worked with an abstruse boss who is difficult to understand. When you were hired it was not in your “Employee Handbook” if you were lucky enough to have one. And, nowhere was it printed you would not only perform your duties; but learn to work under a difficult boss.

I have worked under a few diverse bosses, however, one of my favorites was the Principal of the Elementary School where I taught Phonic. She was a joy to behold and an Angel to everyone, but when she spoke in meetings---everyone listened and went by her rules. She was very much loved by everyone.

And then there was the other kind who was inconsistent, a Queen of procrastinators, never on time to work, had her favorites in the office. And, to give an example of this:

In a staff meeting she stated no one could have any off days or vacations in the month of June. And of course most of the employees took this as a new rule for all to live by in the office. However, an employee got a vacation for two weeks in June---and who was it---one of her favorites.

Now since June was the only month my husband could take a vacation---we had to cancel our plans and I worked while he stayed at home on his vacation and went fishing. Did I say anything? The next staff meeting when this was brought up again---I voiced my concerns in a professional manner. This rule was never applied again.

I say speak your mind---it can be done at the right time even if you have to wait a year to do it. But I have to be honest here---I always spoke up when I did not agree with her on any issues where I knew she was wrong or it could not be done and it affected the particulars of my job.

I always look for something to like in everyone and even she had her good moments. As she owned the company where I worked I always expected more from an owner/manager than she gave to all employees. But I did not walk in her shoes---nor would I want to---as I have seen times when she was stressed out. And, at the same time she did not mind stressing us out on various company changes which was made in an unprofessional manner---but not on her part. But we all had to deal with it for the company and I was happy to help in anyway.

I had a huge job and my duties took every minute of the workday to complete, and most of the time I did not know what was happening in the office---but the girls kept me informed. We always joked that Staff Meetings were useless---the rules she made in the meetings were broken sometimes before we got back to our offices.

So, everyone can learn to appreciate a good boss when you have one and learn to work around a difficult one---as well. People came and went in her business---and I outlasted most as I loved the work I was doing in communicating with people and helping them.

One day I decided I was tired of it all and I resigned with great pleasure. However, I did care for the people in the office and I missed them for a long time.

Always look for the good in everyone---and then work with that as a life lesson. We cannot made and mold humans for the perfect people to be around---but we can grow as a person and learn to deal with what is dispensed us in life---issues or people. It always needs attention--- the employee issues in the workplace.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nepotism in the Workplace

If you have never encountered Nepotism in your career---then you are very fortunate. Nepotism is sometimes a two way street---with relatives who are very dedicated workers and do not expect any favors---just the opportunity to work and be a team player.

And, then there are the relatives from another planet---who never get to work on time, take days off whenever they please, not a team player, who thinks they can goof off all day and do very little work. Relatives who visits and talks to friends on the phone excessively. Or friends that just happened to drop by in a very busy office where others are doing 110% to get their job completed.

Now if the owner/manager thinks this is going unobserved---think again. Everyone is either thinking or gossiping about it. Which means---not only is the lazy relative getting paid to do very little or nothing---but now the employees are taking time to gossip about it.

I know this really makes the hard working employees feel exasperated--- and many who get disillusioned with the working environment of Nepotism go to other jobs. And, many update their resumes and start looking for a better place to work.

Now if you like what you are doing in this workplace---here is my suggestion to you:

1.     Keep your mind on your own work and let others gossip if they feel the need. Remember, what you say can be twisted around and carried to the very person everyone is gossiping about. Keep your thoughts to yourself---do not share your opinion(s) with anyone other employee.

2.     You are still getting a paycheck for what you do. And, do not think the owner/manager is not watching what each employee is doing. Stay in your office/area/ or where ever you work and do your job.

3.     One might think they know the reason a relative was hired---but I can assure anyone that you probably do not know. Nor, will you ever know the real reason.

4.     It is none of your business. Do not get involve in office politics and do not socialize with the office gossips.

5.     Be pleasant and converse with fellow workers---but do not share your opinion and do not stay around people who are gossiping.

6.     Your purpose for this job is to be paid for the duties you are responsible in executing. That and only that---this is not High School so you do not have to fit in with every group.

7.     Be happy each morning to go to work---only worry about yourself and your job. Everyone else can do the same or not---you do not worry about what anyone else is doing---nor should you feel the need to share why you are not gossiping.

To maintain and keep the office in the productive mode calls for a savvy employer/owner. All employers and owners should be aware of employee issues in the workplace.