Thursday, July 18, 2013

Companies Downsizing

Is there gossip in the workplace about the future possibility of company downsizing? And that it will happen soon? Has your manager given any indication in your recent staff meeting it will happen?

Never assume that some will escape the axe of economization. Always prepare for what life may present right in your face. Never feel badly when and if this happens. Remember what our mothers told us when a door closes a window opens. This will be a new start if it happens to you.

When you hear or see the first signs your company is having issues update your résumé and get written references from co-workers/clients; if you feel their references would help you to secure a new job.
Do not sit on your hands and hope for the best. Be realistic and ask yourself do I want to stay any longer with a company that is having issues?

Do I want to wait until they file bankruptcy? Or do I want to prepare and plan ahead with setting up interviews. Are you going to look out for number one? If you do you will be ahead of the game.

If you live in a city then you are able to do research to learn what companies are hiring. Self-interest is when you self-market to your friends to find out if their company is hiring after you research their stability. Also, register with Employment Agencies to get additional assistance on job searching.

Do not let the economy stop you from taking care of business there are always issues in life; rise above them. Be your own best friend and promote yourself by networking.

If your present employer becomes aware of your endeavor and asks you about it; be honest and ask if they would prepare a written reference for you on company letterhead. That you will give a two weeks’ notice before leaving if that is acceptable with them. If you are working for professional employers they will understand and some might even appreciate the fact the more employees are securing their own future. It will mean the lesser employees they have to layoff.

However, if the worst case scenario happens and they become upset and tell you that you are fired; then you will get severance pay and you can go straight to the unemployment office and register for unemployment. Most people get jobs before they receive unemployment at least that has been the experience of the people I know. Then you will be glad you prepared ahead of time. But if it takes a while do not be ashamed of receiving unemployment while you look for a job.

And remember there's no disgrace in being laid-off, downsized, or even terminated. Some of the most famous people in the world have seen a pink slip or two in their lives. The disgrace is not to think ahead and be prepared. Always be the master of your own plans do not let others surprise you in life as some employers and businesses like to keep secrets of financial issues until the bitter end.

Mark Cuban who worked at a computer store is now a Billionaire and this one will astonish you. Walt Disney was fired by an editor that said he lacked imagination and did not have good ideas. See what happened they went on to bigger and better things. These are just two of so many who have travel down the road of unemployment. When a door closes opportunity often knocks. Will you be ready to answer it?
The way I see it the only disgrace in life is doing nothing. And there are people in our world who do nothing everyday because they lack ambition, and to me they are just living a plain slothful existence. Not the kind of life for someone who wants the best for themselves and their family.

Always be positive and professional in every situation life gives you. I remember my Daddy's advice; a man/woman worthwhile is a one who can smile when everything goes dead wrong.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Stop the Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Environment

When I hear or read about an employee who had to leave their place of employment because of office harassment or discrimination it infuriates me. I want to know--- what was the manager/owner doing at this time. Why wasn’t the manager/owner doing their job?

If managers/owners do not know their employees and what is happening in the office---then I say---you are not doing your job. You have the legal responsibility of maintaining a workplace without discrimination or harassment.

Managers/Owners are responsible for securing a safe and pleasant workplace environment. If they are not monitoring the flow of the work and how well the employees communicate with each other. Then they are leaving the law suit door open for the employee(s) who might bring a lawsuit against the manager/owner and the company. One large lawsuit can close a company down and damage the lives of the other employees who are completely innocent of any wrong doing.

If you are an owner of a company who has hired a manager to operate your business then I presume you are monitoring the manager and your business with surprise visits. In these visits walk around the office alone and watch the employees at their duties. Then notice the ones grouped together at lunch time and then look for that one or maybe two employees who are eating alone.

If you are a savvy owner you will wait until lunch time is over and then talk with the one or two employees who are not lunching with the group. You may find out that an issue needs to be addressed---or you may find out they like to talk alone at lunch ---so no issues there.

Then talk to the manager and see what she/he says about the employees and if--- he/she does not know about the two groups at lunch. Then something else might be transpiring in the office---like harassment or discrimination. If the manager makes up excuses and gives argumentative answers; then you might need to protect your business---by getting a manager that has your concerns and your back.

Managers are legal trustees who are entrusted to control property or to act on behalf of and for the benefit of another---like the owner in this case. When an owners hires a manager it should be done in a professional manner by checking the references, background checks and drug screening.

Make sure you ask in the references if there were any issues you should be made aware of that might affect your business. Because the manager you hire will have in their care, custody and control all your employees and business.

In the interview with the applicant for manager---cover all the areas that might occur in discrimination or harassment in hiring, firing, salary or promotions centered on:

  • Age---Discrimination is forbidden for ages 40 and over---but does not address the age of anyone under 40.
  • Disabilities
  • Gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Race, color, ethnicity, national origin
  • Religion
  • Immigration Status---make sure the manager knows that it is illegal not hire someone because of their accent or being from a foreign country if they qualify for the position. Managers should know what legal documents to ask for and to verity the applicant can work in the USA.
  • Make sure the I-9’s are filled out properly and the correct documents are examined before the witness signs the I-9 as someone who represents your company. Everyone in the office should know all the rules and regulations for this form.

A pleasant working environment is what makes an office, business, or corporation more productive; therefore, the company’s assets will increase daily.

Have the manager give monthly training in staff meeting on all aspects of workplace harassment and discrimination.  And have worksheets for each employee to complete and turn in at the next meeting with any questions that might need clarification.

As the owner---visit the meetings and read the questions submitted. Then ask the manager how she/he handled the answers and if the employees accept it as understanding.

This training will take a while---but it will be worth it to your employees and business. After the training is completed have each employee sign a form stating they completed the course---give them a copy of the form and put the other one in their file.

If any issue arises in reference to an employee harassing or discriminating against another employee---just pull out the form he/she signed and asked them to tell you their side of the issue. Of course all managers/owners know to always have a witness in the office while talking to an employee--- to keep it legal and protect yourself and the business.

Tell them under no certain terms they will not remain in your employment if this ever happens again. This is a violation against everyone in the company. Then have them sign a form stating exactly what just occurred and what will happen if their actions reoccur again.

Then talk to the employee who was the object of harassment or discrimination and let them know the issue has been dealt with---but feel free to report anything else that occurs.

Any business owner knows the strength of a successful business is a pleasant workplace environment. So make sure you are in control and stop the harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

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