Friday, May 9, 2014

Employers Who Rewards Employees

One of my most enjoyable working experiences was with a Boss who appreciated our dedication with surprises.  All of us had different duties and job titles in a large Insurance Company, but all who worked in his department felt special.

Most of the women I worked with were married with children. And, others like me were young, married and without children. When you worked in an office environment everyone soon knows most of your likes and dislikes. And, especially your work ethics as well as you know theirs.

In this department we took pride in our work with meticulous scrutiny and our Boss showed his appreciation with the following:

  • Birthdays---He would take us somewhere special for lunch or have a surprise party for the employee in the office.

  • Holidays---We received one rose each on Valentine’s Day with a card and a box of candy for each of us. On Mother’s Day he let us leave early to shop for our mothers---that was appreciated by us. And, he did the same for Father’s Day. Thanksgiving he gave us hams or baskets of fruits and nuts. Halloween he allowed us to dress in costumes it was an individual choice, but I enjoyed seeing others in their Halloween costumes, and sometimes I did join the fun. Christmas we drew names and had a Christmas Party at his home or in the office on Christmas Eve.

  • When we had staff meetings he ordered out for lunch to be delivered. And, this was appreciated; especially by the mothers with children to dress, feed and drive to school or the babysitter’s early in the morning. He understood how employees with children spent hours of rushing around before they clocked in for their jobs.

  • I did not have children so I had no idea about being a mother and how much they appreciated their jobs because when their babies were sick he understood, and helped if he could.

  • He gave us movie tickets, tickets to the local plays, special events in the city, and discount tickets on lunch. On our Employee Anniversaries he took us to dinner with our husbands or special someone.

He was a great Boss and we never forgot his birthday, and he always seemed surprised when he all brought a dish for his birthday surprise and gave him a gift from all of us. I want to believe there are still Bosses like him in our world today. I never had another one like him---who did not need to demand and threaten us to produce---because we took pride in our work with a special desire to make him proud.

So, Employers what are you doing special for your employees. Don’t tell yourself---well I signed their paychecks, as well you should---but what above that have you done for them. If you want a positive working environment, then surprise your employees with a treat once in a while. 

You will be rewarded by seeing the smiles on their faces. After all a little sugar never hurt anyone, but it can improve one's attitude 100%---it is called being appreciated.

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